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Chignik Childhood

Whitney Anderson grew up in a commercial fishing family in Chignik, Alaska. Her experiences fishing with her family, and values she picked up along the way have helped her create her own art business and fashion line. She shared some of the lessons she learned, and some of her childhood memories with us over the phone.

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What I leaved from fishing

Whitney Anderson grew up in a commercial fishing family in Alaska. The life lessons she learned from fishing, and memories made on the water, still stick with her today.

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Zen-like Fishing

Dave Hanna, from Rapid City, So. Dak. talks about fishing in Alaska and finding zen on the water.

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Alaska Willowbillies

Dave Hanna tells a story about fishing in Alaska when he learned about one of their methods of subsistence fishing...shotgun style.

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A Dog Named Fish

Mike Stracco was a reverse-retired angler spending summers in Alaska, and winters travelling the world to chase fish. His laid-back nomadic lifestyle was flipped upside down after a small pup picked the scruffy guy in camp to hang out with. Music:   "First Day" - Huma Huma   "Nevada City" - Huma Huma   "North" - Silent Partner   "Even When We Fall" by Phillip Weigl

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Fish Wheel of Death

Michael Stracco was featured in "A dog named Fish" episode of the Fish Stories podcast. He told this story about working in Alaska that exemplify the dangers of working in the last frontier.

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Pebble Mine take

Michael worked in Alaska for 10 summers. He's talked with locals, traveled through remote regions, and heard all the info from people pushing the pebble mine. This is his take. *Update: The Pebble Parternship's plan has changed since this interview was recorded.

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The Funny side to Dean Anderson

Whitney Anderson tells a few funny stories about her dad, and Alaska commercial fishing legend, Dean Anderson.

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Loosing a skiff in the dark

Whitney Anderson tells a story about her father's commercial fishing business in Alaska and how things didn't always turn out the why you hope they will.

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Alaska Bushman in Brainerd

The one and only Alaska Bushman was walking around the 2017 Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza raising money for Alaska's Healing Hearts. He gave us a few minutes of his time to chat.

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