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Catfish in the bathtub

Joyce Frasier remembers catching a big fish when she was young. Her pride prompted Joyce to bring her catch home to show it off to the family.

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A big walleye and good conversation

John Schulte and his 33 day old son Brayton sit down to tell a few stories and answer a few questions at the 2017 Ice Institute in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Brandon and Wes conversation at 2017 Ice Institute

Brandon and Wes are new fishing buddies who have a mutual respect for each other. They talked a bit about becoming friends and fishing at the Ice Institute

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My 8 lb rainbow

Recorded Live at the 2017 Ice Institute. Dalton remembers his 8 lb rainbow trout caught in Pierre, SD.

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5 Stages of Sportsmen

Stan Wright describes the 5 stages of sporting enthusiasts in emphatic fashion.

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Best Fisherman in Nebraska

Bob Landberg talks about his pick for the best fisherman in Nebraska. Neil Smith.

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Fishing Leased Land

Jim Mollison and some of his fishing buddies fished leased land in Colorado. They found big fish, and big stories.

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