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Don't count your paddlefish before they're snagged

Trevor Limoges, his father Jerry, and grandfather went snagging for paddlefish in Warsaw, Missouri. Trevor was confident that he would snag a big one, but it didn't quite turn out how he expected.

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Don't Worry Son, I'll Catch Him For You

Noal Nelson told us a story at the 2017 Dakota Angler Ice Institute about his dad's angling heroics on Lake Poinsett.

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A big walleye and good conversation

John Schulte and his 33 day old son Brayton sit down to tell a few stories and answer a few questions at the 2017 Ice Institute in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Reaching into the ice hole for a walleye

Melissa recorded a story live at the 2017 Ice Institute about her love of ice fishing and her boyfriend's act of fishing heroism.

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1 Bass for 2

Recorded live at the 2017 Dakota Angler Ice Institute. Cooper and his dad tell a story about two anglers catching one bass at the same time.

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My 8 lb rainbow

Recorded Live at the 2017 Ice Institute. Dalton remembers his 8 lb rainbow trout caught in Pierre, SD.

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My tarpon got hit by a bull shark

Recorded live at the 2017 Dakota Angler Ice Institute. Derrick Gilbert remembers tarpon fishing in Florida with his family when he hooked into a 150 lb tarpon. A bull shark came along and the fight was on!

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Brandon and Wes conversation at 2017 Ice Institute

Brandon and Wes are new fishing buddies who have a mutual respect for each other. They talked a bit about becoming friends and fishing at the Ice Institute

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Karma for Uncle George

John's uncle George thought he would have a laugh by giving some bad advice. The joke was on him.

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