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Kenny Kieser - Full Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting Kenneth Kieser at the 2018 Association of Great Lakes Outdoors Writers conference in Bismarck, ND. A 40+ year career, along with many thousands of published articles and books have only fueled his passion for outdoor communication and education.

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Jens Lund Interviewing Bob Propst Sr. - Part 1

In 2002, Jens Lund came to Pierre, SD contracted to do an oral history project about the Lewis and Clark expedition, interviewing people all the way along the Missouri River. His task was to talk with people who have lived on the river and utilized it to create a sustainable income. His interview with legendary fishing guide and angling innovator, Bob Propst Sr. was one of the best. This is part one, courtesy of the South Dakota Arts Council and the South Dakota State Historical Society. Thanks to Jens Lund for the audio and photos. |

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LaFramboise tree fish

Jamie and her family were out for a relaxing evening fishing the Missouri River in Pierre, SD when craziness ensued.

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Gary's Rock Bass

Gary and Larry have had some great adventures together. Larry tells his favorite story about catching big rock bass on the Missouri River.

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Larry Myhre and Gary Howey full interview

Larry and Gary have been friends for a long time. Hear about how it all came to be and about their careers in the outdoors in this amazing conversation. Belly laughs from these two can help a person anytime!

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Peter & Daniel Olson - Starting Missouri Secrets Tackle

Peter & Daniel Olson are brothers from Washburn, ND. Normally, when children want to raise money for needs and wants, they have a bake sale or car wash. These brother started a business selling fishing tackle.

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Peter & Daniel Olson - Starting a business in high school

"We only sell what works for us". That's the motto of Peter and Daniel Olson who are hand-making their dad's favorite rigs and telling all of his secrets through their company Missouri Secrets Tackle. They tell us what it's like to run a business in high school.

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Geremy Olson - Ghost guiding on the Missouri

Geremy Olson tells a story about old fishing friends and how their remote advice was missed on one day of fishing.

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Brad Beeler - Pierre South Dakota Fishing Guide

Brad Beeler always loved fishing in Pierre, but when job change brought him here permanently, he eventually put his fishing to work for him full time. Walleyes, salmon, smallies, northerns and everything else that swims in the Missouri is in his repertoire.

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Don't count your paddlefish before they're snagged

Trevor Limoges, his father Jerry, and grandfather went snagging for paddlefish in Warsaw, Missouri. Trevor was confident that he would snag a big one, but it didn't quite turn out how he expected.

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Sauger from a house boat

Bob Landberg shares a story from his childhood when he and his fishing buddy snuck onto a houseboat and caught sauger on the Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam.

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