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Fish Stories Feature: Short Stories and Live at the Akaska Walleye Classic

This is a few short stories and a few stories told live all rolled into one. Eddie Salmeron talks about a memorable experience as a nine year old, Monty Nelson reminisces about catching walleye in Canada, and the Crawfords tell a few stories live in SD.

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Unexpected Personal Best Walleye

Joey Plunkett and Bob Landberg went searching for walleyes in South Dakota, only to find that Joey's personal best walleye was waiting in an unexpected spot on the way home.

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South Dakota's state record walleye

Georgine Chytka was fishing with her son one November day in 1975 when she landed a fish that many thought would never be landed in South Dakota...A new state record walleye.

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Gary Howey and Larry Myhre - Chasing Catfish in Canada

One of the best fishing trips these two ever ha was coming out of Lake of the Woods and looking to burn an extra two days. They found a favorite catfish hole that later produced a big walleye bite.

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Walleye of a lifetime

Buddy Seiner is the founder of Fish Stories. This is the story about the largest walleye he has ever caught, and the fight he had later with his conscience. Recorded on his smartphone to prove that it can be done by anyone.

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Bars and Bears

Bob Landberg is an 83 year old angler from North Platte, NE who loves to fish. He's had some epic adventures over the years, and has the photos to prove it. We dusted off some of those rusty old photos and shared some of his memories from out on the water. Salmon, walleye, battles won, and battles lost.

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Reaching into the ice hole for a walleye

Melissa recorded a story live at the 2017 Ice Institute about her love of ice fishing and her boyfriend's act of fishing heroism.

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A big walleye and good conversation

John Schulte and his 33 day old son Brayton sit down to tell a few stories and answer a few questions at the 2017 Ice Institute in Sioux Falls, SD.

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Snagging a boat in the tailrace

**This episode contains language that might not be appropriate for all listeners. Please use discretion. Buddy, David, and Nichols fish the tailwater below Oahe Dam in Pierre. One other boat in the tailrace makes poor choices and ends up driving over their lines. Craziness ensues.

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Sunscreen walleye scent

Jim Mollison tells a story about him and his wife Susan fishing for walleye's. Susan's secret bait scent made all the difference that day.

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NWT Pro Champ

This is the story about Duane Hjelm's (pronounced Jelm) first win on the National Walleye Tour, fishing a lake he had never fished before pre-fishing for six days prior. Duane is from Ft. Pierre, S.D. and has aspirations for being a better angler in the future. He tells a great story about his early career success.

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