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Travis Swartz is Hank Patterson

Hank Patterson is a larger-than-life character who doesn't give a heck about anyone but himself.  Hank's a beer-drinking, fish catching, lady swooning machine...and he knows it.  That's the character that Travis Swartz gets to play in his videos.  In real life, he's a low-key guy with a past filled with comedy and fishing adventure.  We had a great conversation at the Alex Johnson in Rapid City.  I challenge you not to laugh during the discussion...pretty sure you'll lose.  Good luck!

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Black Hills Fly Fishers

David talks about an organization that he is very involved in and why it is important to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

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Dave Hanna's take on the Power of Fish Stories

Dave talks about how he'd like to be remembered, and what fish stories could mean for the fishing community. The power of Fish Stories!

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Alaska Willowbillies

Dave Hanna tells a story about fishing in Alaska when he learned about one of their methods of subsistence fishing...shotgun style.

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Importance of Black Hills Headwaters

David talks about the importance of water quality in the Black Hills and what it could mean to the amazing fisheries we know and love and the clean drinking water Rapid City residents enjoy.

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Fishing with Dr. Olson

David Hanna talks about getting into fly fishing and the man who helped teach him the ropes.

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Dave catching carp on the fly

Dave Hanna never thought he would catch carp on a fly rod. Now that he has, he's hooked!

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Nail in the Bullhead

David Hanna talks about his grandfather and his earliest fishing memory with him.

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Big City Attitude

David Hanna tells me one of his favorite fishing stories after telling us some of his nicknames.

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