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Halverson Lake

If Jordan could be out fishing at this moment, chances are, he's going to fish Halverson Lake.

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Misadventures on the Ice

Curt and Paul remember an ice fishing trip when paul went for an unexpected ride in a portable ice shack.

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Bruce Condello - Managing big gills

Bruce Condello is a dentist and avid angler from Lincoln, NE. He has polished his skills in pond management over the years and knows what it takes to grow big gills. If you're skeptical, check out his site at You'll be amazed by some of the photographs.

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Bruce Condello - Why Bluegills are important

Bluegills are a favorite fish of many, but they are also the first fish for many who have taken up outdoor recreation activities. Bruce Condello knows how important they are.

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Bruce Condello - The good addictions

There are many things competing for our time and the time of our children. Bruce Condello breaks down his insight into this challenge and how we can get kids and adults more engaged in the outdoors.

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Bruce Condello - Fishing with my dad

Bruce had no problems thinking of a fishing mentor to talk about. His stories might ring a bell for some of you, and his advice rings true.

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Bruce Condello's favorite fishing story

Surprisingly, Bruce Condello's favorite fishing story does not revolve around a bluegill. It's a toothy critter that he has spent a lot of time chasing.

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Bruce Condello - Finding Lois and doing it all over again

You'll laugh at what happens at the beginning, and then it gets a little serious. Bruce thinks deep about a common question and gives an uncommon response some of us should take to heart.

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Bruce Condello - Keeping panfish clean of parasites

I bet you don't know how panfish and bass acquire worms in their meat. I didn't until talking with Bruce Condello. He lays out the trifecta needed for parasites to flourish.

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Andy Moore - Crappies, walleyes, bass, kayaks catch and release

Andy Moore is an artist and kayak angler from Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been fishing for over 50 years and has accumulated some amazing fishing stories. His most famous (or infamous) is about a big crappie that Andy never thought he would see. Many others fill this interview along with some good laughs. Enjoy the conversation!

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Scott Mackenthun - Labor Day Muskie Madness

Scott Mackenthun is a Fisheries Biologist and outdoor communicator from New Prague, MN. He has had some great fishing experiences out on the water, but when asked to tell his favorite, he talked about a Labor Day trip with his parents in 2018. You won't believe what happened!

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Scott Mackenthun - Full interview from St. Paul Ice Fishing Show

Scott Mackenthun is a Fisheries Biologist and outdoor communicator from New Prague, MN. He took time out of his day to chat with me about his career in the fishing industry, some of the people who have helped him along the way, and advice for the next generation of fishing enthusiasts.

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How in the hell are you guys wading out there?

John Cooper tells one of his favorite stories from childhood. Homemade floats and a derby hat in 1954.

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Largemouth of a lifetime

Jordan Rodriguez talks about the biggest catch of his career.

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Grampy Helping to Unhook a Bluegill

Dan Frasier and his mother Joyce remember a fishing trip with his father's parents.

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