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Fishing Defines Me

Jim Mollison has been fishing for nearly 80 years. He's learned a thing or two during that time, and has some great memories on the water. We sat down with Jim to share some of those memories and learn about what makes him so passionate about the sport we all love.

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Fishing Ice Lake

Jim Mollison describes his first time fishing high-country water known as Ice Lake, and the unusual experience they had there.

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The Greasy Spoon

An inside joke amongst friends still makes a pretty funny fish story. It's not about the fish that makes it worthwhile for most anglers. It's the places you go and the people you meet that make it memorable.

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David Doerr - Fly fishing around the world

David Doerr moved to Ft. Pierre, SD in 2019. I met him at a community meet and greet that the Police Dept was hosting. We talked fishing right away, and I could tell he had some cool stories. Soon, I was sitting down with him at Fort Pierre Motors to talk about his life as an angler.

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Fishing Leased Land

Jim Mollison and some of his fishing buddies fished leased land in Colorado. They found big fish, and big stories.

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