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Lucy - Favorite Fishing Companion

This is a story about how a dog from Harrold, SD came to become my favorite fishing companion and best friend.

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A Dog Named Fish

Mike Stracco was a reverse-retired angler spending summers in Alaska, and winters travelling the world to chase fish. His laid-back nomadic lifestyle was flipped upside down after a small pup picked the scruffy guy in camp to hang out with. Music:   "First Day" - Huma Huma   "Nevada City" - Huma Huma   "North" - Silent Partner   "Even When We Fall" by Phillip Weigl

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Knuckles Malone the French Bulldog

Knuckles Malone is a French Bulldog and Dustin Hafner's fishing buddy. He is also the mascot for DH custom rods. We hear how these two found each other, and how DH Custom rods got their start, in this short fish story.

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Mike Dvorak - Dog talk

Mike Dvorak appreciates his dogs. They are some of his favorite fishing partners.

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