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Why you need a good fishing buddy

I love fishing alone, but there are times when having a fishing buddy can make the trip so much better.

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Lucy - Favorite Fishing Companion

This is a story about how a dog from Harrold, SD came to become my favorite fishing companion and best friend.

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Tony Mariotti's favorite fishing buddy

Tony is an angler & outdoor educator from the heart of Minnesota lakes country. Hear about his favorite fishing buddy, Adam, and how they met.

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Don Polovich: Remembering Paul Stabile

"Caster" Don Polovich is a fly angler from Rapid City, S.D. He talks about one of his favorite fishing buddy's, Paul Stabile, and why he appreciated him. Paul passed away in 2016.

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Sauger from a house boat

Bob Landberg shares a story from his childhood when he and his fishing buddy snuck onto a houseboat and caught sauger on the Missouri River below Gavins Point Dam.

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Knuckles Malone the French Bulldog

Knuckles Malone is a French Bulldog and Dustin Hafner's fishing buddy. He is also the mascot for DH custom rods. We hear how these two found each other, and how DH Custom rods got their start, in this short fish story.

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