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Fishing Big Sauk Lake with Big D

Darrel Carlson has become a fanatic about fishing Sauk Lake at Big Sauk Resort in central Minnesota. He and I chatted while trolling for anything that would bite one hot July day in 2017.

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Larry Myhre & Gary Howey - Fishing with Wives

Gary and Larry have had some great adventures together. But the reason they can take those adventures is because their families are so understanding and open to the lifestyle. It helps that they take their wives along for a fishing adventure once-in-a-while.

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Two Big Blue's for One

Orval and Joyce Larson share their favorite fishing story from fishing in Canada.

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Fishing Honeymooners

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Bullheads and missing fishing

Joyce and Orval Larson have been fishing for almost all of their 62+ years together. They shared some memories and thoughts about what they miss most.

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101 Carp Flies and Counting

Dan Frasier is the author of Orvis' Beginners Guide to Carp Flies. He snuck into catching carp on the fly, and is building a foundation for his career in the industry. His passion for common carp, fly fishing, and adventure is contagious.  Guarantee you'll be searching for your next fishing adventure, or searching for carp before the episode is over.  And this is only the beginning... Check out the first issue of Carp Pro magazine, fly fishing edition.  Very, very good information. Music (in order of appearance):  "The Atmosphere - The Little Glass Men     "Seasonal" - Silent Partner Push Me by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:   "Trips" - Topher Mohr and Alex Elena   "Sawdust" - Silent Partner

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Favorite Fishing Memory and World Record Sunfish

Dan and Joyce Frasier chatted about Joyce's favorite fishing memory. It included a small stream in northern Minnesota and a potential world record sunfish.

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Reaching into the ice hole for a walleye

Melissa recorded a story live at the 2017 Ice Institute about her love of ice fishing and her boyfriend's act of fishing heroism.

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Sunscreen walleye scent

Jim Mollison tells a story about him and his wife Susan fishing for walleye's. Susan's secret bait scent made all the difference that day.

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