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Craig Oyler - Hooked on Hardwater

Craig Oyler is a multi-season/multi-species angler who travels across the midwest chasing the next big bite. His passion for educating anglers led him to start Hooked on Hardwater, which partners 60 underprivileged boys from the Rapid City Club for Boys with 60 professional ice fishermen from across the country for a day of mentoring, fellowship, ice fishing, and fun.

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The Great Fish Day

I learned about The Great Fish Day too late. We had booked our flights to Iceland and would be returning the week before the event. The airline wanted $2,000 to change the flight, so we would just have to miss it. Fortunately, I was able to talk to the director of one of the largest events in Iceland and get the story about its beginnings, management, and importance to a country and its people.

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