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Fishing Lessons and Defining Success

Joey talks about what fishing has taught him before sharing his perception of what it means to be successful on the water

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Nate Gloria - Marty Hughes and tournament kayak fishing

Nate Gloria is relatively new to a still young field of kayak fishing enthusiasts. One person really helped jumpstart his career and put him on the path to success.

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Bruce Condello - The good addictions

There are many things competing for our time and the time of our children. Bruce Condello breaks down his insight into this challenge and how we can get kids and adults more engaged in the outdoors.

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Bruce Condello - Fishing with my dad

Bruce had no problems thinking of a fishing mentor to talk about. His stories might ring a bell for some of you, and his advice rings true.

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Bruce Condello - Finding Lois and doing it all over again

You'll laugh at what happens at the beginning, and then it gets a little serious. Bruce thinks deep about a common question and gives an uncommon response some of us should take to heart.

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Daryl Bauer - It's about family

Daryl is passionate about educating families about the benefits of the outdoors. This is why it's important to him.

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Daryl Bauer - Keeping secrets

Even though Daryl Bauer is an educator and fishing advocate, that doesn't mean he won't keep secrets for himself. Sometimes its just the little things.

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Daryl Bauer - Optimistic Angler

Daryl is optimistic about the future of angler, and in the game for all the right reasons.

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Daryl Bauer - Good at fishing

Fishing is what Daryl Bauer knows, and is proud of his accomplishments.

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Daryl Bauer - Full Interview

Daryl Bauer is a biologist with the Nebraska Game and Parks. He is a self-proclaimed "one trick pony" and is proud of knowing a lot about fishing. We had a great chat in Lincoln, Nebraska in a dungeon -like room of the Lancaster events center.

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Dave Hanna's take on the Power of Fish Stories

Dave talks about how he'd like to be remembered, and what fish stories could mean for the fishing community. The power of Fish Stories!

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The Grass will be here

Jason Durham owns Go Fish! Guide Service out of Park Rapids, MN. He shares some great advice during our interview that might inspire people to get out and enjoy the day.

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