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Denny Geurink - Hunting and fishing for a living

Denny Geurink is an outdoor communicator, author, and educator from Michigan. HIs career has taken him down many paths including a syndicated newspaper columnist, editor of Field and Stream Magazine, host of Outdoor Adventures TV and most important of all...a teacher. We talked about his career, proudest moments, mentors, and his book "In the Land of the Bear".

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Fishing with Gramps

Daryl Bauer is a fisheries biologist and outdoor communicator from Nebraska. He is passionate about the outdoors, and fishing has been a big part of his life. Hear his passion come through this story, told in his own words!

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Dennis Kassube - Fishing with Grandpa

Dennis Kassube grew up fishing. When he was three, his grandpa put him in his boat, and he's been attached to this sport ever since. He has fond memories fishing with his grandpa and shared a few with the group at the 2018 Ice Institute Pro Panel.

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