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Kristine Fischer - Real

I met Kristine Fischer at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin in Sept 2019. She is a small town outdoor enthusiast making waves in the competitive kayak angling world. He passion for the sport, wisdom, advice, and vision for the future is inspiring. Instagram - @midwestfishergal Facebook - Kristine Fischer - kfischer11

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Nate Gloria - Marty Hughes and tournament kayak fishing

Nate Gloria is relatively new to a still young field of kayak fishing enthusiasts. One person really helped jumpstart his career and put him on the path to success.

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Nate Gloria - Kayak fishing dream

Nate Gloria's young career as a kayak tournament angler is on the rise. He won angler of the year of his local club, and tells a story here about his journey to qualifying for the 2019 world championships in Australia! Wise beyond his years.

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Andy Moore - Crappies, walleyes, bass, kayaks catch and release

Andy Moore is an artist and kayak angler from Lincoln, Nebraska. He has been fishing for over 50 years and has accumulated some amazing fishing stories. His most famous (or infamous) is about a big crappie that Andy never thought he would see. Many others fill this interview along with some good laughs. Enjoy the conversation!

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