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Lucky (Podcast version)

Jordan Rodriguez is the outdoor columnist for the Idaho Statesman. He has been fishing since he and his father took up the sport when Jordan was young. Some of his earliest memories, and favorite stories, involve a fishing pole and some excitement. Join Jordan on some of his favorite fishing adventures, and a journey through his early career as an avid angler.

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Halverson Lake

If Jordan could be out fishing at this moment, chances are, he's going to fish Halverson Lake.

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Bass eating blackbirds

Jim Schwartz remembers the big bass in his pond disrupting a black bird in the most unbelievable way.

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Joey Plunkett - Bucket list locations and losing a big bucketmouth

Joey talks about his dream fishing locations before I hook a giant bucketmouth on my flyrod.

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Fishing Defines Me

Jim Mollison has been fishing for nearly 80 years. He's learned a thing or two during that time, and has some great memories on the water. We sat down with Jim to share some of those memories and learn about what makes him so passionate about the sport we all love.

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Nate Gloria - Marty Hughes and tournament kayak fishing

Nate Gloria is relatively new to a still young field of kayak fishing enthusiasts. One person really helped jumpstart his career and put him on the path to success.

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Nate Gloria - Kayak fishing dream

Nate Gloria's young career as a kayak tournament angler is on the rise. He won angler of the year of his local club, and tells a story here about his journey to qualifying for the 2019 world championships in Australia! Wise beyond his years.

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Largemouth of a lifetime

Jordan Rodriguez talks about the biggest catch of his career.

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