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Legacy of Georgine Chytka

Georgine Chytka was fishing with her son one November day in 1975 when she landed South Dakota's state record walleye. She talks about her favorite fishing and the legacy that she'd like to leave behind.

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Dave Hanna's take on the Power of Fish Stories

Dave talks about how he'd like to be remembered, and what fish stories could mean for the fishing community. The power of Fish Stories!

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25 Years of Perch Patrol Guide Service

Steve "Zippy" Dahl is one of the founding members of the Perch Patrol Guide Service on Devils Lake, N.D. We chatted at the 2019 St. Paul Ice Show about his life and legacy in the fishing industry.

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Tim Moore Outdoors

Tim Moore is a professional angler and fishing guide from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His life has always been about fishing, but his legacy is much more than that. We talk mentors, fishing buddies, favorite fishing stories, and how Tim wants to be remembered by the next generation.

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Tony Mariotti's Legacy

Tony is an angler & outdoor educator from the heart of Minnesota lakes country. This is how he wants to be remembered.

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Tony Dean Drop the anchor

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