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Lance Valentine - Teachin' Fishing

Lance Valentine is known as an east Michigan walleye guide and electronics expert from Flint, MI. He is a full time fishing educator and communicator who focuses on making people better anglers. His journey to fishing for a living has crossed many paths and required many sacrifices for him and his family. He has learned a few things along the way that we can all benefit from hearing.

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Denny Geurink - Hunting and fishing for a living

Denny Geurink is an outdoor communicator, author, and educator from Michigan. HIs career has taken him down many paths including a syndicated newspaper columnist, editor of Field and Stream Magazine, host of Outdoor Adventures TV and most important of all...a teacher. We talked about his career, proudest moments, mentors, and his book "In the Land of the Bear".

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Bob Holzhei - Full 2018 Interview

Bob Holzhei is an outdoor writer from Michigan. We sat down for a conversation that only touched on fishing a few times. Instead, we learned about Bob's career as an educator, his life on the family farm, and his journey to writing, among many other topics.

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Bob Holzhei - Nature's Embrace

Bob Holzhei is an outdoor writer from Saginaw, Michigan. His journey into the outdoors, and what they mean to him, makes for a great story.

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Bob Holzhei - Remembering Grandfather

Bob Hozhei has very fond memories of a grandfather who he idolized.

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Bob Holzhei - Family fishing memories

Bob Holzhei grew up on a family farm. Hard work and memories of meager times exist about his childhood, but the positive memories of fishing and outdoor recreation shine through.

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Bob Holzhei - Joys of Teaching

Bob Holzhei was destined to be a writer and educator. His passion for education, and unique approach to teaching, have provided him with many fond memories.

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Bob Holzhei - Shirley Holzhei

Bob Holzhei gives much of the credit for his successes to his wife Shirley. His vehement praise for her support and love is expressed with pride.

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Disqualified twice

Myron Gilbert is an angler with a long resume. Here he talks about two disqualifications that he'll never forget.

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Fishing with Chad

Steph grew up fishing. He often took his brother, and his brother's friend along for the adventure. Chad was that friend, and now he and Steph are good fishing buds.

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Ice Fishing Etiquette

With Ice season coming up, Michigan's Myron Gilbert and Chad Schaub discuss how to have a good, friendly day on the ice.

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Being the Best

Jacob Meek was fishing his first World Ice Fishing Championship as a member of USA Ice team in 2018. He wanted to compete against the best in the world, and got to do it in Kazakhstan.

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Getting Anthony into guiding

Chad Schaub is a member of USA Ice team. He remembers how he helped get fellow team member, Anthony Rodriguez, into the guiding business.

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Anthony Rodriguez - Finding WIFC

Anthony Rodriguez is a fishing guide from Michigan and USA Ice Team veteran. He told me about how he came to find the WIFC and what it was like to get into this unique sport. Photo Courtesy: USA Ice Team

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Caster Don: Remembering Michigan...finding South Dakota

"Caster" Don Polovich is a fly angler from Rapid City, S.D. He told me about his childhood in Michigan while fishing below the Oahe dam on a unseasonably warm December morning.

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