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Peter & Daniel Olson - Starting Missouri Secrets Tackle

Peter & Daniel Olson are brothers from Washburn, ND. Normally, when children want to raise money for needs and wants, they have a bake sale or car wash. These brother started a business selling fishing tackle.

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Peter & Daniel Olson - Starting a business in high school

"We only sell what works for us". That's the motto of Peter and Daniel Olson who are hand-making their dad's favorite rigs and telling all of his secrets through their company Missouri Secrets Tackle. They tell us what it's like to run a business in high school.

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Peter & Daniel Olson - Proud moments

Peter and Daniel Olson have had a lot of fun working in the fishing industry. They are proud of what they have accomplished, and talk about what it all means to them.

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Largest fish in the Olson family

Daniel Olson tell the story about his younger sister landing the largest fish the Olson family had ever caught.

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Peter Olson - My biggest walleye

Peter Olson remembers the largest walleye he caught while on a family fishing vacation in Minnesota.

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Daniel Olson - Biggest fish folly

Daniel Olson talks about the largest fish he's ever caught, and how his dad messed up on the net job.

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Geremy Olson - Getting into fishing

Geremy talks about his love for the outdoors and how he got into fishing.

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Olson boys - Favorite fishing partners

Daniel and Peter Olson have had the opportunity to fish with many influential anglers during their young careers. They talk about their favorite people to fish with in this quick story.

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Geremy Olson - Proud Dad moments

Geremy and Kirsten Olson are raising outdoor enthusiasts and business owners Daniel and Peter Olson. Geremy's pride is palpable.

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Geremy Olson - Connecting the dots

Geremy Olson shares a fond memory about fishing with Peter and Daniel when they were young, and how he learned lessons from his sons.

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Olson boys - Fish are like girls

Peter likes to teach people to "listen to the fish". He must have got this from his dad.

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Peter Olson - How do I know that game warden?

Peter Olson just turned 16 in 2018. Now...he needs that fishing license.

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Peter Olson - Get a fishing license...reck a truck

Peter Olson tells us about getting his first fishing license and hitting a deer on the way home.

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Geremy Olson - Ghost guiding on the Missouri

Geremy Olson tells a story about old fishing friends and how their remote advice was missed on one day of fishing.

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Daniel Olson - Frog Fish vs. Minnow Fish

The Olson family was out ice fishing when they learned a valuable lesson about experimentation and observation.

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