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Aunt Cooter

Joey Plunkett is a Mississippi transplant living in the great state of Nebraska. He has fond memories of growing up in rural Mississippi and his family that he fished with. This is one of his favorite fishing stories about his Great Aunt "Cooter" Sue and some toothy critters that paid them a visit.

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Unexpected Personal Best Walleye

Joey Plunkett and Bob Landberg went searching for walleyes in South Dakota, only to find that Joey's personal best walleye was waiting in an unexpected spot on the way home.

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Fishing Lessons and Defining Success

Joey talks about what fishing has taught him before sharing his perception of what it means to be successful on the water

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Proud of Conservation

In all the year's Joey has been catching fish, it's not a particular catch that he thinks is his proudest moment. It all boils down to conserving the resources for future generations.

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Fishing with Dad and the power of storytelling

Joey favorite person to fish with, his dad, has taught him many things over the years. He has also passed on stories about people Joey never had a chance to meet.

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Bass with Grandpa and meeting Bob Landberg

Joey talks about his earliest fishing memory fishing with his grandfather before telling us the story about how he met his "surrogate" grandfather in Bob Landberg

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Combat Jigs

Joey Plunkett partners with Kyle Scoletta to make and distribute soft plastic lures. They use the proceeds to give back to combat veterans.

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Becoming a Multi-species angler

Joey has enjoyed targeting multiple species of fish since moving to Nebraska from Mississippi. Holmes Lake has become one of his go-to spots. A small body of water in the middle of Lincoln. Great fishing opportunities abound.

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Fishing the Chandeleur Islands

Joey tells the story about going down to the Gulf coast to fish around the Chandeleur Islands.

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Best Fisherman in Nebraska

Bob Landberg talks about his pick for the best fisherman in Nebraska. Neil Smith.

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