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Craig Oyler - Pro tip for trophy pike

Craig Oyler is a multi-season/multi-species angler who travels across the midwest chasing the next big bite. This is a story about some of his fishing buddies who have a very interesting tip about catching big pike on the ice.

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Fishing Big Sauk Lake with Big D

Darrel Carlson has become a fanatic about fishing Sauk Lake at Big Sauk Resort in central Minnesota. He and I chatted while trolling for anything that would bite one hot July day in 2017.

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South Dakota Deaf Anglers Association

A few weeks back, the South Dakota Deaf Anglers were holding their annual tournament on the shores of Lake Oahe near Pierre. The Fishing Crew founder Curt Underhill helped me get in touch with his childhood friend and group member Paul Fosheim for a chat while they fished for northerns in Cow Creek. I learned a lot from this passionate group of anglers, and had a blast chatting with them for a few hours.

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Joey Plunkett - Favorite fish and biggest

Joey loves fishing and talks about his most favorite fish to catch and the story behind the biggest fish he's landed to date.

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Largest fish in the Olson family

Daniel Olson tell the story about his younger sister landing the largest fish the Olson family had ever caught.

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Daniel Olson - Biggest fish folly

Daniel Olson talks about the largest fish he's ever caught, and how his dad messed up on the net job.

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Two Big Blue's for One

Orval and Joyce Larson share their favorite fishing story from fishing in Canada.

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Don't Worry Son, I'll Catch Him For You

Noal Nelson told us a story at the 2017 Dakota Angler Ice Institute about his dad's angling heroics on Lake Poinsett.

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Losing and catching a Devil's Lake Northern

Shawn and family friend Jeff were on a fishing adventure in North Dakota when the unbelievable happened. They had to work together to catch a fish that had almost bested them all.

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