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Writer trip to The Dalles

Jordan talks about going on an outdoor writer's trip to The Dalles, in Oregon. If you're already thinking about the Oregon Trail...we were way ahead of you.

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Takes two to catch an Oregon salmon

Ron Friedman doesn't claim to be an angler, but has a great fishing story. He and his buddy Steve went looking for Oregon salmon and beat the odds by each catching the same fish.

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Bars and Bears

Bob Landberg is an 83 year old angler from North Platte, NE who loves to fish. He's had some epic adventures over the years, and has the photos to prove it. We dusted off some of those rusty old photos and shared some of his memories from out on the water. Salmon, walleye, battles won, and battles lost.

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Fly Fishing with Clams

Dan Frasier describes the life cycle of a clam and why they are an important food for common carp.

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