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Aunt Cooter

Joey Plunkett is a Mississippi transplant living in the great state of Nebraska. He has fond memories of growing up in rural Mississippi and his family that he fished with. This is one of his favorite fishing stories about his Great Aunt "Cooter" Sue and some toothy critters that paid them a visit.

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Fishing with Dad and the power of storytelling

Joey favorite person to fish with, his dad, has taught him many things over the years. He has also passed on stories about people Joey never had a chance to meet.

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Bass with Grandpa and meeting Bob Landberg

Joey talks about his earliest fishing memory fishing with his grandfather before telling us the story about how he met his "surrogate" grandfather in Bob Landberg

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Nail in the Bullhead

David Hanna talks about his grandfather and his earliest fishing memory with him.

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Why I Hate Ice Fishing

Mitch remembers one of his earliest ice fishing memories that may have fueled a bit of disdain for the sport today. Dean Nachtigal and Jack Tisdale working smarter, not harder, to have a fun day on the ice.

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Hook in dad's hand

Adam Leiferman tells a story from his childhood that left a scar in more ways then one.

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Fishing with Doug Frasier

Doug Frasier met Joyce and it was love at first sight. Listen to Joyce Frasier talk about meeting her husband and getting him into the sport she was passionate about.

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Grampy Helping to Unhook a Bluegill

Dan Frasier and his mother Joyce remember a fishing trip with his father's parents.

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Don't Worry Son, I'll Catch Him For You

Noal Nelson told us a story at the 2017 Dakota Angler Ice Institute about his dad's angling heroics on Lake Poinsett.

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Big Smallie and Big Cat

Dominick and his brother Miles tell some cool stories about fishing with their dad. They have been spoiled as young anglers, that's for sure!

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