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A flatworm stealing smallie

Josh Bertrand is a professional angler from Arizona who made the haul up to Lake Oahe for an Elite Series showdown. He figured out South Dakota's smallies enough to take 8th overall, but had one memorable fish that didn't even help him at the weigh-in.

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Even the best miss a big one or two

Boyd Duckett is a Bassmaster Classic champion from Guntersville, Alabama. He found himself fishing on championship Monday on Lake Oahe in Pierre, So. Dak. on July 2, 2018 in the hunt for the Elite Series title. Lake Oahe gave him a chance to seal the deal, but the big green South Dakota smallies had other plans.

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The man behind the Bassmasters

Eric Lopez is the Operations Manager for the Bassmaster Elite Series Tournaments. He doesn't even fish, and yet, has come to appreciate this sport and building the BASS brand around professional anglers.

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Fishing Oahe

Jacob Wheeler is a professional bass angler from Tennessee. He fishes the Bassmaster Elite Series and spent some time in Pierre, So. Dak on Lake Oahe in 2018. We talked about his experience, and what makes Pierre a special place.

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Charlie Moore - Getting Grounded

Charlie Moore spent many years as a professional angler. When the industry began to get the best of him, he decided to get back to what was truly important in his life.

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2018 Dakota Angler Ice Institute Pro Panel

Four pros telling stories about their lives as anglers, favorite fishing memories, first guide trips, and favorite mentors in the industry.

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James Girard - Hooked on Hardwater memories

Hooked on Hardwater is a program created by Craig Oyler dedicated to enhancing the lives and outdoor experiences of members at the Club for Boys in Rapid City, So. Dak. 60+ professional anglers from all around the country and Canada forge bonds with children that will never be broken.

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Sturgeon Bay Hometown Boy

Gary Nault is a semi-professional angler and fishing guide from Sturgeon Bay, WI.  He wears his passion for fishing, fishing education, and the Sturgeon Bay area on his sleeve.  I really enjoyed talking with him at the National Professional Anglers Association Conference, and enjoyed the conversation even more the second time around!  Check out what makes Gary so passionate about the sport, and find out the real person behind the success of his guide business. 

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