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Gregg Martin - Largest wild trout

Gregg remembers the largest trout he caught in a tiny Idaho creek.

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Shaun Lezotte - Black Hills Fly Fishing Guide full interview

Shaun Lezotte is a fly fishing guide with Dakota Angler and Outfitter in Rapid City, So. Dak. He has been fly fishing since he was a teenager, but loves traditional fishing methods just as well. We sat down in the comfort of the new fly shop on a busy Jackson Blvd to talk fishing, hunting, significant others, and what the future holds.

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Zen-like Fishing

Dave Hanna, from Rapid City, So. Dak. talks about fishing in Alaska and finding zen on the water.

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My 8 lb rainbow

Recorded Live at the 2017 Ice Institute. Dalton remembers his 8 lb rainbow trout caught in Pierre, SD.

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Fishing Leased Land

Jim Mollison and some of his fishing buddies fished leased land in Colorado. They found big fish, and big stories.

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