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Denny Geurink - Hunting and fishing for a living

Denny Geurink is an outdoor communicator, author, and educator from Michigan. HIs career has taken him down many paths including a syndicated newspaper columnist, editor of Field and Stream Magazine, host of Outdoor Adventures TV and most important of all...a teacher. We talked about his career, proudest moments, mentors, and his book "In the Land of the Bear".

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Takes two to catch an Oregon salmon

Ron Friedman doesn't claim to be an angler, but has a great fishing story. He and his buddy Steve went looking for Oregon salmon and beat the odds by each catching the same fish.

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Chignik Childhood

Whitney Anderson grew up in a commercial fishing family in Chignik, Alaska. Her experiences fishing with her family, and values she picked up along the way have helped her create her own art business and fashion line. She shared some of the lessons she learned, and some of her childhood memories with us over the phone.

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What I leaved from fishing

Whitney Anderson grew up in a commercial fishing family in Alaska. The life lessons she learned from fishing, and memories made on the water, still stick with her today.

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Getting Anthony into guiding

Chad Schaub is a member of USA Ice team. He remembers how he helped get fellow team member, Anthony Rodriguez, into the guiding business.

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Kate Golden - Fish Obsessed

Check out my conversation with Kate Golden, a journalist at sea down in Australia. She has already had some amazing adventures because of fishing, and it has become an obsession that consumes much of her life. Kate and her husband are currently renovating a sailboat for sea travel. She is documenting her journey at where you can sign up for updates and follow along.

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Brad Beeler - Pierre South Dakota Fishing Guide

Brad Beeler always loved fishing in Pierre, but when job change brought him here permanently, he eventually put his fishing to work for him full time. Walleyes, salmon, smallies, northerns and everything else that swims in the Missouri is in his repertoire.

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Bars and Bears

Bob Landberg is an 83 year old angler from North Platte, NE who loves to fish. He's had some epic adventures over the years, and has the photos to prove it. We dusted off some of those rusty old photos and shared some of his memories from out on the water. Salmon, walleye, battles won, and battles lost.

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Fish Wheel of Death

Michael Stracco was featured in "A dog named Fish" episode of the Fish Stories podcast. He told this story about working in Alaska that exemplify the dangers of working in the last frontier.

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A Dog Named Fish

Mike Stracco was a reverse-retired angler spending summers in Alaska, and winters travelling the world to chase fish. His laid-back nomadic lifestyle was flipped upside down after a small pup picked the scruffy guy in camp to hang out with. Music:   "First Day" - Huma Huma   "Nevada City" - Huma Huma   "North" - Silent Partner   "Even When We Fall" by Phillip Weigl

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Loosing a skiff in the dark

Whitney Anderson tells a story about her father's commercial fishing business in Alaska and how things didn't always turn out the why you hope they will.

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The Funny side to Dean Anderson

Whitney Anderson tells a few funny stories about her dad, and Alaska commercial fishing legend, Dean Anderson.

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