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An Interview with Hannah Stonehouse Hudson

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is a writer, photographer, speaker, and outdoor enthusiast from Wisconsin. Hannah works to inspire others through her stories, and educate them about the value of life and the outdoors. She's an ice fishing fanatic who, when not on the ice or open water, spends her time speaking about the power of social media & virtual communities, why it’s important to live life to the fullest, and teaching organizations and businesses how to handle social media when something tragic occurs.

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Andy Moore - Quest for 19 inch crappie

Andy spent 25 years searching for a 19 inch crappie to call his own catch. When it happened, he almost wished it hadn't. A great lesson in social media and how it can impact a person's life.

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Stephen Wisner - Social Media and Fishing

Stephen Wisner is the owner and guide for Eau Claire Anglers in Wisconsin. Social media is becoming a bigger part of the fishing community, and a valuable tool for anglers to connect and share experiences. But it is not always a positive.

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