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Lance Valentine - Teachin' Fishing

Lance Valentine is known as an east Michigan walleye guide and electronics expert from Flint, MI. He is a full time fishing educator and communicator who focuses on making people better anglers. His journey to fishing for a living has crossed many paths and required many sacrifices for him and his family. He has learned a few things along the way that we can all benefit from hearing.

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Bob Holzhei - Full 2018 Interview

Bob Holzhei is an outdoor writer from Michigan. We sat down for a conversation that only touched on fishing a few times. Instead, we learned about Bob's career as an educator, his life on the family farm, and his journey to writing, among many other topics.

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Bob Holzhei - Remembering Grandfather

Bob Hozhei has very fond memories of a grandfather who he idolized.

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Charlie Moore - Getting Grounded

Charlie Moore spent many years as a professional angler. When the industry began to get the best of him, he decided to get back to what was truly important in his life.

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Scott Mackenthun - The Oylers and HOH

Scott Mackenthun is a Fisheries Biologist and outdoor communicator from New Prague, MN. He is passionate about education, and talks about an experience with special people and a special program that altered his world view.

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Fishing is Church

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Mike Dvorak - Why I Fish

Mike Dvorak is a professional photographer who has travelled all over the world to photograph and fish. Fishing for Mike is his sanctuary, and he talks about why he does it.

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