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Remembering Jane Goeschel

Roger Goeschel found the love of his life when he met Jane. Not only was she smart and beautiful, but she shared many of the same interests and Roger. He remembers her fondly.

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Tackle Terry Tuma

Terry Tuma, one of the most recognizable fishing aficionados in the state of Minnesota, talks about how he got his nickname, what he loves about fishing, and a few of his favorite fishing stories.

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75 years fishing and counting

Mark Liesener took a time-out from helping his son sell Big Bite ice houses to chat about his fishing career. It's still going strong.

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Bucket Hoodie

Like many of us, Shawn Miller is a bucket fisherman. He likes to store things in his bucket for easy access and storage. He was tired, however, of stuff always getting wet/dusty, falling out, or being difficult to carry. So, he made a few improvements to the everyday bucket.

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Intro to HT and the Gruhl Family

Tom Gruenwald is an outdoor journalist, fishing educator, published author, and television show host. He is also the marketing/sales manager for HT Enterprises, Inc. He gave up some floor time at the 2017 St. Paul Ice Fishing Show to talk about his intro to HT and the family that made it all possible.

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Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling Association

Roger Goeschel helped create the Minnesota Darkhouse & Angling Association, and is still an active member and advocate for the sport today.

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Hook Line and Threader

Ashley Veglahn owns Hook Line and Threader, an innovative product made in the USA that keeps your bait alive and attached to your setup. Listen to Ashely talk about how this concept came to be.

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