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Fish Stories Feature: Short Stories and Live at the Akaska Walleye Classic

This is a few short stories and a few stories told live all rolled into one. Eddie Salmeron talks about a memorable experience as a nine year old, Monty Nelson reminisces about catching walleye in Canada, and the Crawfords tell a few stories live in SD.

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Bass eating blackbirds

Jim Schwartz remembers the big bass in his pond disrupting a black bird in the most unbelievable way.

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A flatworm stealing smallie

Josh Bertrand is a professional angler from Arizona who made the haul up to Lake Oahe for an Elite Series showdown. He figured out South Dakota's smallies enough to take 8th overall, but had one memorable fish that didn't even help him at the weigh-in.

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It takes a family to catch a shark

Lillian Seiner tells a short story about fishing for shark in Hawaii proving that fishing stories need not be long or factual to be fun to listen to.

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Takes two to catch an Oregon salmon

Ron Friedman doesn't claim to be an angler, but has a great fishing story. He and his buddy Steve went looking for Oregon salmon and beat the odds by each catching the same fish.

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Aunt Cooter

Joey Plunkett is a Mississippi transplant living in the great state of Nebraska. He has fond memories of growing up in rural Mississippi and his family that he fished with. This is one of his favorite fishing stories about his Great Aunt "Cooter" Sue and some toothy critters that paid them a visit.

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Unexpected Personal Best Walleye

Joey Plunkett and Bob Landberg went searching for walleyes in South Dakota, only to find that Joey's personal best walleye was waiting in an unexpected spot on the way home.

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South Dakota's state record walleye

Georgine Chytka was fishing with her son one November day in 1975 when she landed a fish that many thought would never be landed in South Dakota...A new state record walleye.

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Gary Howey and Larry Myhre - Chasing Catfish in Canada

One of the best fishing trips these two ever ha was coming out of Lake of the Woods and looking to burn an extra two days. They found a favorite catfish hole that later produced a big walleye bite.

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Losing a phone, catching a marmooska in Kazakhstan

Ranel Kommits is one of the top ranked ice anglers in Estonia. He was competing in his first ever World Ice Fishing Championships this year (2018) in Kazakhstan. We had some time to chat while he was catching big bream during the final official practice day to hear about Ranel's ice fishing career and some stories from the championship.

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Big City Attitude

David Hanna tells me one of his favorite fishing stories after telling us some of his nicknames.

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Fishing Leased Land

Jim Mollison and some of his fishing buddies fished leased land in Colorado. They found big fish, and big stories.

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Riding the colonel to gravy town

**BE ADVISED, THIS STORY CONTAINS LANGUAGE THAT MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNGER LISTENERS. ** Lifelong friends Tom and John talk about their friendship while fishing in the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza. They were having a good time.

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