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South Dakota Deaf Anglers Association

A few weeks back, the South Dakota Deaf Anglers were holding their annual tournament on the shores of Lake Oahe near Pierre. The Fishing Crew founder Curt Underhill helped me get in touch with his childhood friend and group member Paul Fosheim for a chat while they fished for northerns in Cow Creek. I learned a lot from this passionate group of anglers, and had a blast chatting with them for a few hours.

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Paul and Doug talking guides

Paul and Doug are members of the South Dakota Deaf Anglers. They hold an annual tournament at various locations in South Dakota and have a great time busting each others chops.

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2nd place is the first loser

Anthony Rodriguez is a competitive ice angler and member of USA Ice Team. He tells a story about tournament fishing in South Dakota that drills up bad memories.

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Being the Best

Jacob Meek was fishing his first World Ice Fishing Championship as a member of USA Ice team in 2018. He wanted to compete against the best in the world, and got to do it in Kazakhstan.

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Nate Gloria - Marty Hughes and tournament kayak fishing

Nate Gloria is relatively new to a still young field of kayak fishing enthusiasts. One person really helped jumpstart his career and put him on the path to success.

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Nate Gloria - Kayak fishing dream

Nate Gloria's young career as a kayak tournament angler is on the rise. He won angler of the year of his local club, and tells a story here about his journey to qualifying for the 2019 world championships in Australia! Wise beyond his years.

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Randy Tambke - We Be Crankin for Catfish

Randy Tambke is a catfish hunter and tournament angler from Lincoln, NE. A fluke day of fishing resulting in a big catfish created a life of experimentation and dedication to wiskered water lovers of all types. He knows how to catch catfish and helps others do it through the We B Crankin' Guide Service. You can find out more at

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