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Ranel Kommits - Full Interview from the ice

Ranel has been ice fishing since he was 15. In 2018, he was one of the top ranked ice anglers from Estonia. He was competing for his country in Kazakhstan at the 2018 World Ice Fishing Championships.

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Nick Schertz - Doing what we love with good friends

Nick Schertz is a member of USA Ice Team. While riding on a bus to the 2018 Ice Fishing World Championships in Kazakhstan, he told me what the WIFC is all about.

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Losing a phone, catching a marmooska in Kazakhstan

Ranel Kommits is one of the top ranked ice anglers in Estonia. He was competing in his first ever World Ice Fishing Championships this year (2018) in Kazakhstan. We had some time to chat while he was catching big bream during the final official practice day to hear about Ranel's ice fishing career and some stories from the championship.

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Anthony Rodriguez - Finding WIFC

Anthony Rodriguez is a fishing guide from Michigan and USA Ice Team veteran. He told me about how he came to find the WIFC and what it was like to get into this unique sport. Photo Courtesy: USA Ice Team

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USA Ice Team: Day 1

After recovering from a 27 hour journey to the other side of the planet, USA Ice Team prepares for the World Ice Fishing Championships in Kazakhstan. Nick Schertz talks about his ideal scenario coming into an event that the United States has never medaled in overseas.

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