Industry Champions



  1. a group of people with a common set of values and beliefs. 

How do we bring more value to the angling community?  How do we help anglers become better at what they do and more passionate about their craft?  How do we inspire others to join this community to ensure its prosperous future?  One big thing is missing from the definition above...TRUST. 

As individual anglers, we are pretty great.  We can have amazing adventures and valuable experiences.  But when we surround ourselves with others who share our passion for fishing and beliefs in this industry, we become so much better.  We are building a community centered around fishing stories. A storytelling revolution that the fishing world has never known. 

The reality is that the almighty dollar drives sponsorship and support in this industry.  If you don't have the impressions, you don't bring value to many businesses in this industry, regardless of your mission. 

  • We are seeking partners who believe that all fishing stories deserve to be told

  • Those groups, organizations and individuals who are able to see the short and long-term value of preserving fishing stories and angler voices for the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts.

  • These partners will know that, to be champions in this fishing industry, their bottom line is not what drives their passion, but the value they bring to their customers and stakeholders.  

Are you a Champion of the fishing industry?  Do you want to help Fish Stories grow well into the future?  



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