True Fans

You can help us archive the greatest fishing stories ever told!

True fans believe that every fish story deserves to be told and want to make sure they are preserved for future generations. They are not doing this for the swag, recognition, or because they love to fish, they are doing it because it’s the right thing to do. True fans have stories to tell, or know those who do.

Become a true fan yourself, or give the gift of True Fandom to a fishing enthusiast that you love. As your support for our organization continues, the swag and benefits you receive will only get better. Thanks for being a part of our growing community, and thanks for making sure all fishing stories have a place to be told for generations to come!

Because of True Fans like you, we will be able to:

  • Host and Maintain the Fish Stories archive
  • Travel to find more exceptional Fish Stories
  • Pay awesome people to work here
  • Pay outside contributors

True Fans give $5 or more each month. You will receive swag each year you are a true fan


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