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Tom Heberline - Sell, barter, or trade a catfish

I was walking my dog near Down's Marina when I met a man with a pile of catfish at the cleaning station. This may have been the first interview I conducted after conceiving the idea of the archive. Tom and I talked about his father, Harvey, combat fishing on the Mississippi, why catfish are so great to catch, how to run set lines, and a little bit about why some anglers are so spoiled. : ) It's a great conversation through the buzzing of an electric knife.

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The Great Fish Day

I learned about The Great Fish Day too late. We had booked our flights to Iceland and would be returning the week before the event. The airline wanted $2,000 to change the flight, so we would just have to miss it. Fortunately, I was able to talk to the director of one of the largest events in Iceland and get the story about its beginnings, management, and importance to a country and its people.

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Jens Lund Interviewing Bob Propst Sr. - Part 1

In 2002, Jens Lund came to Pierre, SD contracted to do an oral history project about the Lewis and Clark expedition, interviewing people all the way along the Missouri River. His task was to talk with people who have lived on the river and utilized it to create a sustainable income. His interview with legendary fishing guide and angling innovator, Bob Propst Sr. was one of the best. This is part one, courtesy of the South Dakota Arts Council and the South Dakota State Historical Society. Thanks to Jens Lund for the audio and photos. |

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Brad Hawthorne's first guide trip

Brad Hawthorne's is a fishing guide on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. When he was 19, he bought a bait shop. The history. Recorded live at the 2018 Dakota Angler Ice Institute Pro Panel.

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Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame - The Beginning

The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying historical artifacts of the freshwater fishing community. Emmett Brown, executive director, told me how it all began.

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Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame - The Big Muskie

The main attraction to the FFHOF is the giant muskie. Visitors may climb to the observatory in the gaping jaws of the beast, or enjoy history in its belly. Either way, you're in a giant muskie!!

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Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame - Catch and Release Records

The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame was one of the very first entities to track catch and release fishing record data. It has become an important part of their mission, and others who have followed suit.

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Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame - Emmett Brown's favorite things

The Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame is known by many, but there are some things that still surprise visitors to the venue. Emmett specifies a few of his favorite things.

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Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame - Legacies and proud moments

Emmett Brown has been the executive director of the FFHOF for over 15 years. He is proud of the work they have accomplished during his time and hopes for a bright future for the hall and museum.

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Emmett Brown - Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame - Full Interview

Emmett Brown is the executive director of the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. His story, and the work they are doing at the Hall, is inspiring. Check out the full interview, and small bits of it in the archive.

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