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Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is a writer, photographer, speaker, and outdoor enthusiast from Wisconsin. In college, she studied the folklore of Wisconsin ice fishing, despite having never set foot on the ice to fish. She interviewed ice anglers about why they do what they do, and lit the fire for a lifelong passion that she pursues today.

Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is a writer, photographer, speaker, and outdoor enthusiast from Wisconsin. She talks about how a tragic event led her to finding an organization that fuels her passion today.

Georgine Chytka was fishing with her son one November day in 1975 when she landed a fish that many thought would never be landed in South Dakota...A new state record walleye.

"We only sell what works for us". That's the motto of Peter and Daniel Olson who are hand-making their dad's favorite rigs and telling all of his secrets through their company Missouri Secrets Tackle. They tell us what it's like to run a business in high school.

Knuckles Malone is a French Bulldog and Dustin Hafner's fishing buddy. He is also the mascot for DH custom rods. We hear how these two found each other, and how DH Custom rods got their start, in this short fish story. DHcustomrods.com

Paul Nester is the managing editor of Midwest Hunting & Fishing Magazine. He tells a story about fall fishing on Lake Poinsett with his brother-in-law while in college. Some people have caught big fish, but how many people have done this!?

Brian "Bro" Brosdahl grew up on a Minnesota resort. He got an opportunity to guide at an early age, and loved the experience!

Brad Hawthorne is a fishing guide on Mille Lacs Lake. His favorite fishing story has suspense, humor, and a bit of uneasiness.

Mike Dvorak appreciates his dogs. They are some of his favorite fishing partners.

Fish Stories is not all about the fish. Sometimes, it's the stories and life experiences of anglers that make them so interesting... fish or no fish. Mike Dvorak is a professional photographer and angler from Minneapolis, MN. This is one of his amazing stories that isn't about fish.

Stephen Wisner is the owner and guide for Eau Claire Anglers in Wisconsin. One year he was given a gift by Mother Nature. He only used the magic of the gift for good, and reaped its rewards.


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