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**THIS STORY CONTAINS GRAPHIC DESCRIPTIONS AND LANGUAGE THAT MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL LISTENERS. PLEASE USE DISCRETION.** Hannah Stonehouse Hudson is a writer, photographer, speaker, and outdoor enthusiast from Wisconsin. In 2013, her husband, Jim Hudson, passed away after falling through the ice while ice fishing. Her stoic resolve while telling the story of Jim's death comes from years of advocacy and education around ice safety.

Nicole Stone is a self-proclaimed "nerd" about many things. She loves science, weather, and most of all...fish! In 2017 she ventured into her career as an outdoor communicator and has been growing as an angler and a professional ever since. Great conversation with a lot of laughs.

In 2002, Jens Lund came to Pierre, SD contracted to do an oral history project about the Lewis and Clark expedition, interviewing people all the way along the Missouri River. His task was to talk with people who have lived on the river and utilized it to create a sustainable income. His interview with legendary fishing guide and angling innovator, Bob Propst Sr. was one of the best. This is part one, courtesy of the South Dakota Arts Council and the South Dakota State Historical Society. Thanks to Jens Lund for the audio and photos. http://artscouncil.sd.gov | https://history.sd.gov/

Jamie and her family were out for a relaxing evening fishing the Missouri River in Pierre, SD when craziness ensued.

In addition to being a very talented fisheries biologist, Daryl is a long-time outdoor communicator. His stories are always educational and/or entertaining to read, and now we get to hear it first hand. Way better with the voice!

Steve is a guide on the Bighorn River in Ft. Smith, MT. He discusses the Bighorn River fishery and what makes it so special.

Marty Hughes is a high school principal from Auborn, NE. He also happens to be the Godfather of Kayak Fishing! This conversation will make your day! Fishing stories, advice, wisdom, inspiration for being a better person on and off the water.

Scott Mackenthun is a Fisheries Biologist and outdoor communicator from New Prague, MN. He's a humble guy, but still can talk about the great opportunities he has had on and off the water. Time to get inspired people!

John Cooper talks about exploring the smallmouth fishing on Lake Sharpe in South Dakota with Tony Dean. It was one of those days that he'll never forget.


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