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I met Kristine Fischer at the Association of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers conference in La Crosse, Wisconsin in Sept 2019. She is a small town outdoor enthusiast making waves in the competitive kayak angling world. He passion for the sport, wisdom, advice, and vision for the future is inspiring. Instagram - @midwestfishergal Facebook - Kristine Fischer - kfischer11

Brandon Butler and Buddy Seiner ventured into the coulee with fishing guide Jeff to find beautiful scenery, stunning brown trout, and the Bad Axe River flowing at the bottom. Many fish were brought to hand that morning, but one big brown had other plans.

Nicole Stone is a self-proclaimed "nerd" about many things. She loves science, weather, and most of all...fish! In 2017 she ventured into her career as an outdoor communicator and has been growing as an angler and a professional ever since. Great conversation with a lot of laughs.

Denny Geurink is an outdoor communicator, author, and educator from Michigan. HIs career has taken him down many paths including a syndicated newspaper columnist, editor of Field and Stream Magazine, host of Outdoor Adventures TV and most important of all...a teacher. We talked about his career, proudest moments, mentors, and his book "In the Land of the Bear".

Lance Valentine is known as an east Michigan walleye guide and electronics expert from Flint, MI. He is a full time fishing educator and communicator who focuses on making people better anglers. His journey to fishing for a living has crossed many paths and required many sacrifices for him and his family. He has learned a few things along the way that we can all benefit from hearing.

I was walking my dog near Down's Marina when I met a man with a pile of catfish at the cleaning station. This may have been the first interview I conducted after conceiving the idea of the archive. Tom and I talked about his father, Harvey, combat fishing on the Mississippi, why catfish are so great to catch, how to run set lines, and a little bit about why some anglers are so spoiled. : ) It's a great conversation through the buzzing of an electric knife.

Margrét Ósk Elíasdóttir is a whale watching guide for Whale Watching Hauganes in Eyjafjörður. Iceland is a prime location for whales, and the summer months is a great time to spot them. Margret's enthusiasm for the job shines through her voice.

How often have you driven past someone fishing in a creek or lake without considering what stories they might be able to tell you? I hope this encounter encourages you to stop and talk to a fishing stranger next time you are out and about. You never know what you might learn. David Sawatzky is a self-made guy living in Aberdeen. His latest hobby surprises a lot of people but gives him a rush like no other!

**Use headphones for this one, Ken was a soft talker** In 1978 Kenneth Virgil Bresley moved to the small town of Walker, MN and opened up a small bait and tackle shop. Pretty soon, he and a partner had a hair-brained idea for bringing people to the community in the dead of winter. Nobody else was doing it, and it was just crazy enough that it might work. The international Eelpout Festival is still going strong today, responsible for increasing the population of Walker from 2,000 to 10,000 for 3-4 days. This is how the festival was started and some stories about Ken's participation throughout the years.

Steve "Zippy" Dahl is one of the founding members of the Perch Patrol Guide Service on Devils Lake, N.D. We chatted at the 2019 St. Paul Ice Show about his life and legacy in the fishing industry.

Tim Moore is a professional angler and fishing guide from Portsmouth, New Hampshire. His life has always been about fishing, but his legacy is much more than that. We talk mentors, fishing buddies, favorite fishing stories, and how Tim wants to be remembered by the next generation.

Darren Troseth is the current (2019) record holder of the largest catch and release sturgeon in Minnesota.

Jim and Martha Schwartz own the Poor Fish Ranch in western Idaho. It is an oasis in the middle of and Idaho countryside. Hospitality, creativity, passion, and fish now fill a property that was once a wasteland of weeds and cheat grass. Music (In order of appearance): "Etude" by Ondrosik "Rotisserie Graveyard" by Doctor Turtle "J'ai toujours prefere le gris" by Monplaisir "Even When We Fall" by Phillip Weigl

Samson Boutchee and his uncle Johnny have bonded through hunting and fishing. Johnny has been a mentor to Samson throughout his life, and continues to offer advice and wisdom today. We sat down in Samson's man cave before a day of chasing South Dakota pheasants to talk fishing and tell fishing stories. This is what it's all about!!


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