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Brandon Butler and Buddy Seiner ventured into the coulee with fishing guide Jeff to find beautiful scenery, stunning brown trout, and the Bad Axe River flowing at the bottom. Many fish were brought to hand that morning, but one big brown had other plans.

Margrét Ósk Elíasdóttir is a whale watching guide for Whale Watching Hauganes in Eyjafjörður. Iceland is a prime location for whales, and the summer months is a great time to spot them. Margret's enthusiasm for the job shines through her voice.

I learned about The Great Fish Day too late. We had booked our flights to Iceland and would be returning the week before the event. The airline wanted $2,000 to change the flight, so we would just have to miss it. Fortunately, I was able to talk to the director of one of the largest events in Iceland and get the story about its beginnings, management, and importance to a country and its people.

How often have you driven past someone fishing in a creek or lake without considering what stories they might be able to tell you? I hope this encounter encourages you to stop and talk to a fishing stranger next time you are out and about. You never know what you might learn. David Sawatzky is a self-made guy living in Aberdeen. His latest hobby surprises a lot of people but gives him a rush like no other!

In 2002, Jens Lund came to Pierre, SD contracted to do an oral history project about the Lewis and Clark expedition, interviewing people all the way along the Missouri River. His task was to talk with people who have lived on the river and utilized it to create a sustainable income. His interview with legendary fishing guide and angling innovator, Bob Propst Sr. was one of the best. This is part one, courtesy of the South Dakota Arts Council and the South Dakota State Historical Society. Thanks to Jens Lund for the audio and photos. http://artscouncil.sd.gov | https://history.sd.gov/

Shaun Lezotte is a fly fishing guide with Dakota Angler and Outfitter in Rapid City, So. Dak. He has been fly fishing since he was a teenager, but loves traditional fishing methods just as well. We sat down in the comfort of the new fly shop on a busy Jackson Blvd to talk fishing, hunting, significant others, and what the future holds.

Ron Friedman doesn't claim to be an angler, but has a great fishing story. He and his buddy Steve went looking for Oregon salmon and beat the odds by each catching the same fish.

Nate Gloria's young career as a kayak tournament angler is on the rise. He won angler of the year of his local club, and tells a story here about his journey to qualifying for the 2019 world championships in Australia! Wise beyond his years.

**Use headphones for this one, Ken was a soft talker** In 1978 Kenneth Virgil Bresley moved to the small town of Walker, MN and opened up a small bait and tackle shop. Pretty soon, he and a partner had a hair-brained idea for bringing people to the community in the dead of winter. Nobody else was doing it, and it was just crazy enough that it might work. The international Eelpout Festival is still going strong today, responsible for increasing the population of Walker from 2,000 to 10,000 for 3-4 days. This is how the festival was started and some stories about Ken's participation throughout the years.

Daniel Olson tell the story about his younger sister landing the largest fish the Olson family had ever caught.

Daryl Bauer is a fisheries biologist, educator, and outdoor advocate in Lincoln, NE. We talked about how Daryl got into the fishing field of study, and what keeps him passionate about it after 30+ years.

You'll laugh at what happens at the beginning, and then it gets a little serious. Bruce thinks deep about a common question and gives an uncommon response some of us should take to heart.

Michael Stracco was featured in "A dog named Fish" episode of the Fish Stories podcast. He told this story about working in Alaska that exemplify the dangers of working in the last frontier.

DeWitt Clinton Booth, or “D.C.” as he insisted on?being called, came to South Dakota in 1899 to become the youngest hatchery superintendent in the country. What he created has become the gem of a community, and an archive of fisheries knowledge.  His legacies lives on through an ever-expanding fisheries archive, active youth activities, 150,000+ visitors each year, and fish production/stocking within South Dakota and beyond.  Visit the D.C. Booth Historic National Fish Hatchery and Archives online to learn more about planning your next visit or to contribute to their very important work.    Music (in order of appearance):  "Featherlight" - Lee Rosevere "Water in the creek (Instrumental Version)" - Josh Woodward "Going Home" - Lee Rosevere

Whitney Anderson tells a story about her father's commercial fishing business in Alaska and how things didn't always turn out the why you hope they will.

Brad Hawthorne's is a fishing guide on Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota. When he was 19, he bought a bait shop. The rest...is history. Recorded live at the 2018 Dakota Angler Ice Institute Pro Panel.

Stephen Wisner is the owner and guide for Eau Claire Anglers in Wisconsin. He shares a special bond with his father through fishing, and talks about what that means to him.


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