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This little search bar is the gateway to 1,000's of fishing stories from around the world. Angler names, fish species, bodies of water… the possibilities for finding great fishing audio begin here.


The Mission

We believe in preserving the cultural and historic artifacts of the fishing community.  Recording angler voices, wisdom, advice, stories, and conversations for future generations.  

Why Fish Stories?

We are the only platform dedicated to preserving voices of the angling community.  The Fort Knox of fishing stories exists because all fish stories, fact or fiction, deserve to be told.
Before Instagram feeds, Youtube videos, Snapchat, and written records there were only fish stories. Anglers would tell their tall tales with vivid expressions of emotion and enthusiasm. The fish got bigger, and the fights got longer, with each new telling of their tale. The “ones that got away” were more heartbreaking for the storyteller with each pronounced syllable. Fish Stories is the first online archive for audio fishing stories. We will work to capture the voices of angels we care about, so that their legacies will live on for future generations.

Creator/Host - Buddy Seiner

Buddy is not a professional guide, journalist, or fishing expert. He has been fishing since he was two years old, and has always wanted to work in the fishing industry. After 11 years of working in communications and nonprofit management, he decided to create a movement in the fishing community. More specifically, he wanted to create a platform for people to record their fishing stories and archive them for future generations. He started Fishing Buddy Studios and founded the Fish Stories Archive. 

Buddy’s background in the outdoors and positive, service-minded attitude helps him related to almost everyone. His ability to make people feel comfortable and relaxed when recording allows for stories to happen naturally. His questions and great listening skills helps to bring out the best in every storyteller. He is passionate about fishing, but is even more passionate about learning the stories and backgrounds of fishing enthusiasts from around the world. He believes that every fish story deserves to be told, and is excited to provide a platform for people to preserve their legacies forever.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Fish Stories?

Fish Stories is the first online archive dedicated to recording fishing stories and preserving them for the future.

How much does it cost?

Using the Fish Stories service is, and always will be free for the fishing community and available 24/7. If you believe that all fish stories deserve to be told, and appreciate the ability to preserve the legacies of our loved ones, you can support our organization by becoming a True Fan. Either way, thanks for being awesome.

Do all stories need to be real?

Definitely not. Some of the best fishing stories are made up. We welcome all fishing stories, made up or otherwise.

Can I say anything in my Fish Story?

Well, not anything. As long as your story does not include any slanderous or defaming information about a person, product or brand, and is not a commercial for a company or product, you should be ok. Also, please do not use the real names of people in your story without their permission. You will be required to sign our Terms of Agreement prior to your story being uploaded into the archive.

What if I want to download a story?

Stories are available for download from our archive. Search for your story and select the (Download image button) from the menu.

Why just audio?

Outdoor media has become a sprint towards perfection. 4K video, journalists who can immerse you in a moment, and professional fishers on YouTube are becoming the norm. Until now, audio has been limited to tips and tricks podcasts and interviews with professionals in the industry. Fish Stories gives the microphone and the platform to anyone with a fishing story. This allows us to record our grandparents, parents, children, family, friends and neighbors and listen to their stories for generations to come. Audio is the future of outdoor storytelling, and we are starting the movement.

How can I record a story?

Recording a story is easiest with your smartphone, and it takes great audio! Just open a new voice recording on your smart phone, hold it like a microphone (speaking into the bottom speaker) and hit record. Once done, email your recorded story to story@fishstories.org and we will review it for inclusion in the archive. You must agree to our Terms and Conditions before submitting a story to Fish Stories.

Can I pay for your service?

If you want to be that awesome, then YES! We are always looking for more True Fans who believe Fish Stories are important. For less than a cup of coffer each month, you can get your Fish Stories swagger on. Fish Stories will always offer free listening and sharing of stories. That is our commitment to the fishing community.
Some people have a larger story to tell, or might like to incorporate other forms of audio (audio from past video footage, sound effects, music, etc) into their project. This service will be reserved for those who support Fish Stories at the Epic Fan level or above.


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