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How do we bring more value to the angling community?  How do we help anglers become better at what they do and more passionate about their craft?  How do we inspire others to join this community to ensure its prosperous future?  One big thing is missing from the definition above...TRUST.

Demonstrate your company or organization’s support of fishing historic preservation by becoming one of our corporate sponsors. The Fish Stories Archive offers a variety of sponsorship levels that work well for any corporation, club, or association who believes that all fish stories deserve to be told.  We know helping you promote your brand, products and/or services to members of the fishing community is only second to your passion for keeping angler voices around forever.  

Corporate Sponsor benefits range from exclusive signage and headline exposure on the travelling Fish Stories recording trailer; exposure on our website and in special mailings, e-blasts to our ambassadors and marketing database, social media exposure to our dedicated followers, creative audio content for your own site and marketing efforts and possible recording services for your employees, stakeholders and their families to become involved in the archive!!

  • We are seeking partners who believe that all fishing stories deserve to be told

  • Those groups, clubs, organizations and individuals are able and willing to attatch their name to our mission and vision, and bring value to their organization and its networks. 

  • These partners will know that, to be champions in this fishing industry, their bottom line is not what drives their passion, but the value they bring to their customers and stakeholders. 

Industry Champions

This is going above and beyond for the historic and cultural preservation of the fishing community.  Our gratitude may have no bounds.  Thank you for making a difference for the fishing community and future fishing generations!


Hagen's tackle company has been producing high quality fishing gear and tackle components for over 30 years.  They ship products all over the world, contributing to a lot of fishing stories!  The fishing industry has given so much to them, that they want to give back by making the archive available for a long time.  Thank you Hagen's for being such a valuable member of the fishing community!   









High quality synthetic fly tying materials from Hagen's.  This brand is growing, and we are helping to spread the word.  Ask your local shops about larva lace products or visit for more information.  






This is about the legacies of your employees, staff, customers, and stakeholders.  Their voices and their stories are what build your brand and keep your organization thriving for many years to come.  

Be the first to join this category of Fish Stories supporters.  Give me a call or send me an email to find out how.  


The leader of the ship. They have the ultimate trust and respect of the crew and passengers. Their belief in the vessel, and it's course, is resolute. The Captain's perseverance inspires and motivates others to believe in their vision.  This is for those who want to make a difference in the fishing community for generations to come.  


Aberdeen, South Dakota is strategically located within world class pheasant hunting country, and easy access to unlimited fishing opportunities.  It's not surprising that hunting and fishing traditions run strong in Aberdeen.  For those with long-standing traditions, or for anyone wanting to start a new tradition of their own, has long been the primary resource for outdoor enthusiasts to gather hunting and fishing information.  It is a one-stop-shop for outdoor rules and regulations, travel information, hunting and fishing guides, and things going on in the Aberdeen area.  They partner with the best in local guides and accommodations, so you can trust that your Aberdeen adventure will be a great one!     


Finding the right guide is all about trust.  Our trust in you is steadfast...Your trust in the Fish Stories Archive is humbling and inspiring. 

F-M Walleyes Unlimited

This is one of the most exciting partnerships for the archive yet!  The brains and good looks behind Brewer-Agre Outdoors, Scott Brewer and Kyle Agre are teaming up to record the voices of F-M Walleyes Unlimited membership during their spring meetings.  These voices will then be uploaded into the archive and preserved for future generations to enjoy.  All of the great stories, advice, wisdom, and lying stored in one place.  Keeping legacies of Fargo-Moorehead anglers alive forever.  







The Black Hills boasts 1,000's of miles of creeks, streams, and lakes full of healthy & hungry fish living in some of the most scenic water imaginable. Rapid City is often referred to as the gateway to this famed resource, and Dakota Angler & Outfitter holds the key to unlocking it. Since 1996, they have been helping people access the great fishing opportunities in western South Dakota. They have played a part in many fishing memories over the years, and are showing their appreciation for these moments by sponsoring the Fish Stories Archive and our events. Thank you, Dakota Angler & Outfitter, for creating great fishing memories, and for believing that all fishing stories deserve to be told. Help us thank them by visiting or stopping into their shop in Rapid City.    




Paystubz provides a customized, single platform web-based solution for payroll, timekeeping and human resource needs. Clients can deploy any portion of the application at any time: payroll, timekeeping and/or HR.  All applications of the system (payroll, timekeeping, HR) are available via any internet connection, with a single log-in no matter which applications are deployed and only one employee database to manage. If you need help with payroll, timekeeping, now know where to go. Thank you Paystubz for believing that all fish stories deserve to be told!







The Spearfish Creek Fly Shop has been a big supporter of the Fish Stories archive since the beginning. They sponsored our live show in Rapid City, S.D. and have shared our stories and podcast on their website.  Help us thank them for their support of preserving fishing voices and angler legacies for future generations





Email Fishing Buddy at or call 605-222-9706 when you are ready to talk about possible sponsorship details.  Thank you for being a part of the Fish Stories community! 


Are you a Champion of the fishing industry?  Do you want to help Fish Stories grow well into the future?  


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