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Fish Stories allows anglers from around the world to record and preserve meaningful fishing stories or interviews with anglers they care about. Future generations, and the fishing community, will appreciate it.


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This is the easiest way to preserve your fishing stories, audio journals, or interviews with anglers you care about. This PDF will help you through the process and get it sent in to the Fish Stories Archive.

Ready to submit your story? You can do that here.


Fish Stories Hotline


Ok, we hear you... too much tech talk, right? Call our Fish Stories hotline for short fishing stories or tips on great story ideas. The number is (605) 301-0858. You only have 3 minutes to say what's on your mind, so pick your words wisely. Otherwise, you'll have to call back and leave another message. Monty Nelson called in from Kansas and told us an unbelievable story from his childhood:

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Email Us A Story Idea


If you have a story idea that you think would work for the podcast, email or fill in our contact form. Tell us the story like you would tell your friends over a beer and let us know your favorite parts. Keep it short and sweet and send any links or articles that will help us determine if it is a good fit. We definitely read every email that comes to us, but due to limited staff power, we may not be able to respond to all of them. Please know that we appreciate you for sending them in!


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