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Anyone can record a great fish story. You have the power and the technology, it’s not just for the young or experienced. We are looking for citizen fish story recorders, anyone who wants to try their hand at preserving a great fish story. Whether you’re interviewing your parents, grandparents, a neighbor, or someone you’ve never met, a microphone is a license to ask questions you wouldn’t ask otherwise. Heck, you can even keep an audio fishing journal for the archive.

If you or someone in your community has a story to tell, get your phone or a voice recorder, and get started. If it is something that you think required professional equipment, let us know. Email and tell us the short version like we were having a beer. If you hear about something in the news or in your community that you think might make a good Fish Story for us to do on the podcast, shoot us an email or complete the form below. Also send any links or scanned articles that are relevant to your story idea.

For Independent Producers:

If you would like to tell this story yourself, let us know. We are always looking to contract with independent producers to help us share Fish Stories with the world. Write down what happened/is happening, or the story idea, in a few paragraphs. Nothing formal required, just info about the topic and the big question that is being answered or is resulting from the story. Be sure to highlight your favorite parts of the story.

Please keep it as brief as possible. We cannot take the time to read multiple pages of text or watch long documentaries. And please only one story idea per email. Thanks!

Please don't pitch a story with audio. If you have great audio, and your story works as a feature, we will get it from you at a later date. If the story has yet to happen, we will make sure you have professional equipment to capture it.

Email your pitches to Because we are a small staff, we will only contact you if your idea works for a forthcoming show. Please know, however, that we will read every pitch that comes to us. These emails are vital to the ongoing success of Fish Stories, and are very much appreciated. Thank you!


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